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Dojo Behavior

Guidelines for Dojo Behavior

The following guidelines have been translated from Japanese and are found in all Uechi-Ryu Dojos in Okinawa. Each student should read them carefully and abide by them.

  1. The Martial Arts begin and end with respect.
  2. Bow upon entering and leaving the Dojo indicating your respect for that place.
  3. Diligently follow the instructions given by the instructor and your seniors.
  4. Thoughtless and careless actions such as whistling, singing, and social conversation have no place in the Dojo.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the Dojo.
  6. Refrain from engaging a student in idle talk and make the best use of the time given for your class.
  7. Practive in a business-like manner; if you need to rest, do so in an area where you will not interfere with another’s workout.
  8. Person-to-person relationships in the Dojo must be reinforced by courtesy and affection.
  9. Always keep your body and your Gi clean.
  10. You are responsible for keeping your conduct under control inside and outside the Dojo.

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