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Historical Timeline

Important Dates in the Evolution of Uechi-Ryu Karate

1877, May 5 — Kanbun Uechi born on Okinawa.

1897, March — Kanbun left for China.

1908 — Kanbun began teaching in China.

1910, February — Kanbun returned to Okinawa.

1911, June 26 — Kanei Uechi was born in Okinawa.

1924 — Kanbun Uechi left for Japan, began teaching Ryuyu Tomoyose Karate.

1930 — Kanei Uechi began his study of Karate from his father in Japan.

1940 — Kanei Uechi began teaching in Japan.

1942 — Kanei returned to Okinawa.

1945 — Ryuko Tomoyose and students from another style of Karate urged Kanei to teach on Okinawa. They built a dojo for him and brought him there asking him to be their Sensei.

1947 — Kanbun Uechi, now living in Ishima Island, off Okinawa, taught a small group of students.

1948, November 25 — Kanbun Uechi died on Okinawa.