Instructions for Students

The following guidelines have been translated from Japanese and are found in all Uechi-Ryu Dojos in Okinawa. Each student should read them carefully and abide by them.

  1. The purpose of studying Uechi-Ryu is to develop the Karate devotee into a healthly, well-coordinated person, both physically and mentally, and to train him so that he may master the weaponless defensive art.
  2. The Karate devotee must always be on his best behavior, taking a modest attitude toward others, setting great value on courtesy among people, tidying up his dress, being careful of his speech and actions, and diligent in his study.
  3. The Karate devotee must not make himself a nuisance to others by using harsh language or committing violence towards others.
  4. The Karate devotee must not bring disgrace even in a slight degree upon his own school (Uechi-Ryu) or himself by making tasteless or shameful utterances or actions.
  5. The Karate devotee must not be self-centered and must not run to the easy and idle way of life. He must make a constant effort to continue hard work enabling him to fill his mind with the vigor of life.

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